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This morning the lake

was all sunlight

flaring across, all

glitter and motion

in a seam of mica.

I paddled into it,

blinded, not knowing

which shore

I was coming to

until I heard

through over-

hanging boughs

Charlie Parker

reciting a sutra

into that light,

a tune previously

known as

Embraceable You,

or else it was

a song sparrow.


Charlie Parker

Charlie Parker (as), Miles Davis (tp), Duke Jordan (p),
Tommy Potter (b), Max Roach (ds)
rec. 28/10/1947 NYC

This poem and the solo by Charlie Parker are combined as a performance piece with Norm Adam on cello.

History neither

flows backward (Eliot)

or forward (Marx).

More likely it

goes back and forth

and in and out-

more like the tide.





In between the event

and the story we made

of it there wasn’t much

time, nor for that matter

was there very much space.





Subtracting only

the existential

verb is all it takes

to change belonging

back into longing





That line on the water

could be a floating log

or a feeding whale

or it could just be a line




A doe and a fawn

go lifting lightly

over the high ferns

“Rhythm is the space of time danced thru”


We came into the music

Like a walk in the forest


Clusters of chokecherries

Exposed tangled roots


Long crooked lines

disappearing deep

into the soft layers


silver birches dividing

themselves at the ground


lie triads do, and fourths,

long enough to hold


onto the light and leave

an outline of tonality

before dissolving into


coloured strata

we never dreamed about.


Old pastures hidden away

In the woods unmapped.


Sometimes walking in there

we get like the trees

caught up by the wind,


notes shaken, golden

undulating shift of

their grain in the sunlight


or like the wind itself

in the branches, invisible

except for what is moving.