High Flight

Our reader was called High Flight,
with all the usual anthology pieces
(poems by Maesfield, Frost, Houseman)
but also a few Canadian entries.

A poem by Wilfred Campbell
that stated ‘the hour before the flush of dawn’
[laughing behind our hands]

And one by Duncan Campbell Scott
With the line ‘The hawks fell twanging from the sky’
[like Dwayne Eddy’s guitar?]

An essay by Vincent Massey
on being a Canadian:
‘touch of breeziness and an alertness
that suggest the new world’

It also colour had plates of paintings
by the Group of Seven

The Red Maple by AY Jackson
[daydreaming: looking through black tree
branches into a world of red leaves fluttering
over churning rapids]

Northern River by Tom Thompson
[daydreaming: mesh of branches, distant touch
of colour reflected on river , bending far away]

One section called ‘Growing Up In Canada ‘
began with a drawing of a young man
attempting to scale a sheer vertical rock face
in the middle of a barren treeless wilderness
[yes, that sounded about right]


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