Monthly Archives: November 2016

Politics, another bizarre preoccupation

of adults, would make its appearance

from time to time in the life of the town.

Dief came during an election campaign

to made a speech at the Pav. As he left

I shook his hand, and remember wondering

how someone that profoundly unattractive

could be the Prime Minister of Canada.

Sometimes there were election rallies

that they would pack with school kids.

Once we were sent by bus to Kingston

to hear Pearson speak in the hockey arena.

Suddenly, right in middle of his speech,

a crowd of Tories, who’d been strategically

positioned around the stage, pulled out

their signs, started waving them and yelling

slogans, until they were strong-armed outside.

Politics was very similar to the carnie

that came about once a year every summer:

the freak show, the girlie show, dodgy rides,

cotton candy and many kinds of toss games

with prizes of giant stuffed animals, all rigged,

we knew, but always enjoyable nevertheless.